Hellenic Bioscientific Association of the USA

Pay your dues

Your contribution through annual payment of membership dues is very important for funding our activities, such as the organization of events, the “Scientist Teaching Exchange Program” (STEP) and our initiative to provide a scholarship award to exceptional students (SSP).

We ask for an annual membership fee of $20 that will help us cover our yearly operational costs (website fees, registered agent fees, etc.). Our programs are supported entirely by donations from our members and we invite you to submit a donation:

  • $50 from each member will cover expenses for supporting 2 STEP professor visits and our scholarship fund
  • $100 from each member will cover expenses for our national scientific conference

The payment options include:

  • Check payable to HBA-USA, which can be sent to: HBA-USA, P.O. Box 1998, 02446 Brookline, MA, USA
  • Wire transfer to our bank account (email administrator@hba-usa.org for details)
  • Secure one-time online payment via PayPal