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    ECFMG Launches Global Education in Medicine Exchange (GEMxSM)

    New program will promote partnership and exchange in undergraduate medical education worldwide

    ECFMG is pleased to announce the launch of its Global Education in Medicine Exchange (GEMx), a new program to promote global partnership and student exchange opportunities in undergraduate medical education worldwide. Launched last month following a one-year pilot, GEMx serves both medical schools and students, and is creating a global community for those involved in exchange in medical education. It also offers a centralized, paperless process for researching, applying to, and managing elective exchanges.

    With successful completion of the pilot, ECFMG invites all medical schools worldwide to join the GEMx partnership. Medical schools interested in learning more are encouraged to contact GEMx staff to set up a one-on-one appointment via Skype or teleconference. To arrange an appointment, use the convenient on-line booking system or send e-mail toinfo@gemxelectives.org.

    Emmanuel G. Cassimatis, M.D., ECFMG’s President & Chief Executive Officer, said, “The goal of GEMx—to increase access to international exchanges in medical education—will help provide the world’s future physicians with the international perspective required to meet health care needs in an increasingly globalized world. It also speaks directly to ECFMG’s mission of enhancing medical education and promoting quality health care.”

    For more information, read the press release and visit www.gemxelectives.org.

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