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  • Travel Scholarship Program

    We are pleased to announce that Mr. Alexandros Kokkosis, Ph.D. student at SUNY Stony Brook University has been selected to receive the Travel Scholarship Award 2019. We would like to thank all the applicants!

    “I am a 5th year Ph.D. candidate at the Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology (MCP) Graduate Program at Stony Brook University (SBU) in New York studying how inflammation and associated glial cell changes in the brain affect the development of major depressive disorder (depression).
    Over the past 8 years, during undergraduate and graduate studies, my research interests have been focusing on neuroscience and neuropharmacology. After receiving my B.Sc. in Biology and M.Sc. in Biotechnology in Greece, I joined the MCP PhD Program where I remained engaged in neuroinflammation investigations, focusing on glial biology in neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders. I was recently awarded a predoctoral American Heart Association Fellowship to pursue studies on the inflammatory responses during depression as they induce cerebrovascular disease.
    Last summer I was delighted to be informed that I was awarded the Hellenic Bioscientific Association of the USA (HBA-USA) Travel Scholarship award to attend the XIV European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease in Portugal, between July 10 and 13, 2019. The conference was critical for my research and scientific career, as it is the largest and most important international scientific conference on glia biology worldwide. It enabled me to interact with prominent neuroscientists and peers. The conference sessions and workshops significantly expanded my knowledge of advances and novel methodologies in the field, and I was able to communicate my science and receive critical feedback for my research. The support by the HBA-USA made my attendance at the meeting possible, supported my research and strengthened my early career steps as a neuropharmacologist. I am grateful for the support.

    Thank you again HBA-USA!”

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