Hellenic Bioscientific Association of the USA
  • The New HBA board of directors

    Following the recent election for the Board of Directors, we would like to announce the formation of the new board for the term 2016-2018.

    President: Georgios Pyrgiotakis, PhD

    Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston, MA

    Vice President: Elisavet Serti, PhD,

    Immune Tolerance network, MGH, Bethesda, MD

    Treasurer: Anna Gavrieli, PhD

    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School, Boston MA

    General Secretary: Panagiotis Fotakis, PhD

    Columbia Medical School, New York NY

    App. Secretary: Anastasia Nikolopoulou, PhD

    Weill Cornell Medicine, New York NY

    Councilor: Andreas Kateifidis, MD PhD

    Vertex Inc., Boston MA

    Councilor: Maria Mavrikaki, PhD

    Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital, Belmont MA
    We would like to kindly thank all our members for their continuous support and invite your feedback and suggestions.

    and view the detailed election results at our website: http://www.hbausa.org/hba-usa-elections-2016-2018


    The new board looks forward to working with the members for the new term!


    On behalf of the Board of Directors

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