Hellenic Bioscientific Association of the USA

Science Teaching Exchange Program (STEP)

The aim of the Science Teaching Exchange Program (STEP) initiative is to  provide the possibility to distinguished faculty at US Universities to visit basic science Departments, Medical Schools and Research Institutes in Greece.

The goals of STEP are:

  1. To transfer knowledge and expertise to young Greek scientists,
  2. To facilitate the exchange of scientific ideas between Greek scientists working in Greece, Cyprus and the US and
  3. To facilitate the establishment of long-term educational and scientific collaborations between the host Universities and US Universities.

Our association assists the US faculty, who participate in the STEP program, to visit Institutions in Greece, which also participate in the STEP program, in order to give introductory or advanced lectures (60-90 minutes) at undergraduate and postgraduate level in their area of expertise. During their visit the participants also meet with faculty and students of the host Institution. See here for the STEP description of the program.

In the framework of STEP, our association has already established collaborations with several Universities in Greece and distinguished academics in the USA.

Participating Greek Universities and Research Institutes



Become a Visiting Professor to a Greek University: educational exchange program with Greek Universities and Research Institutes

Our ongoing activities include expansion of the network of universities and research institute and we will be supporting more faculty in 2015. Detailed goals and instructions for applying. Please contact us with your questions and suggestions.