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  • PhD Fellowships in Chemistry, University of Massachusetts – Lowell, USA

    The Department of Chemistry, Kennedy College of Sciences at University of Massachusetts Lowell is offering two PhD Scholarships (3-5 years) to perform graduate studies in Chemistry under the supervision of Professor D. Christodouleas. The broad topic of the interdisciplinary research performed in Christodouleas group is “New Technologies for Low-cost, in-Field Chemical and Biochemical Analysis”. The successful candidates will be enrolled in the PhD program of the Department of Chemistry in the University of Massachusetts-Lowell that starts on September 1st 2016.

    Projects description:

    1) Liquid permeable electrodes for analysis and catalysis: Electrodes used in analysis and catalysis are typically planar and not permeable to gases or liquids. If liquid permeable electrodes could be fabricated, they would exhibit attractive physical properties (e.g., high surface area, mechanical flexibility) and be plausible materials for use in catalysis, or in electroanalysis. We are searching for skilled graduates (chemists, engineers, material science graduates etc.) who wish to fabricate new liquid permeable materials, characterize their properties, and test their performance as electrodes in bioanalytical and catalytic systems. For consideration, applicants must have a MSc degree and proven research experience in a relevant field (e.g., electroanalysis, electrodes fabrication etc).

    2) Rapid detection of disease biomarkers:  Analytical tests, commonly used in chemical and biochemical analysis, have been designed to be performed in well-equipped centralized laboratories; they are, therefore, expensive and typically inadequate for point-of-care (POC) applications. We are searching for skilled graduates (chemists, biologists, bioengineers etc.) who wish to develop novel analytical methodologies for the low-cost and rapid detection of disease biomarkers (i.e., heart failure and heart attack biomarkers, electrolytes etc.) For consideration, applicants must have a MSc degree and proven research experience in a relevant field (e.g., bioanalytical methods, rapid tests, immunoassays etc).

    Your key tasks as a PhD student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell are:

    • Perform high quality research activities for your PhD thesis
    • Teaching assistants’ duties for four semesters
    • Write scientific articles and your PhD thesis
    • Participate in PhD training courses
    • Teach and disseminate your research, principally through supervision of MSc and BSc students enrolled at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell.

    The compensation for each position is approximately $21,000 per academic year. A waiver of tuition and other fees is also granted.

    For more information about Prof. D. Christodouleas please visit:



    Application Material:

    1. Full Curriculum Vitae (CV), including research publications and names of three referees
    2. Electronic copies of research publications
    3. Research background (detailed list of research experience)

    TOEFL scores >80 and GRE scores >310 are necessary for the enrolment on the PhD program but can be provided in a later stage (late June-early July).

    Applications should be submitted via email to Prof. Christodouleas by the 10th of June 2016 (Email: Dionysios_Christodouleas@uml.edu). Late applications may be considered if the positions are still vacant.

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