Hellenic Bioscientific Association of the USA

Message from the President

It is a special honor to be appointed the President of the Hellenic Bioscientific Association of the USA (HBA-USA) for 2018-2020. I am deeply grateful to my predecessors for their leadership and contributions towards supporting the mission of the Association and reaching important milestones that framed the impact, reputation and credibility of the HBA-USA until now. I look forward to continuing this important work in the next couple of years. In this endeavor I am joined by my colleagues Dr. Panagioti Fotaki (Vice President), Dr. Andrea Kateifidi (Treasurer), Dr. Eva Tsaousidou (Secretary), Dr. Drosoula Giantsoudi (Councilor), Dr. Alexandra Touroutoglou (Councilor), Dr. Sotiri Sotiriou (Councilor), and Dr. Christo Lisgara (Social Media Coordinator & Public Outreach).

With the collaborative effort of all of us and with the support of you – our members, and our allies, we aim to enhance HBA-USA’s achievements by strengthening the connections and collaborations within the HBA-USA community. Since its foundation in 2005, HBA-USA strives to enable and facilitate interactions among Greek biomedical scientists between Greece and the USA. To support this mission, we will continue focusing on our 4 main programs:

These initiatives already provide a platform for over 400 members across the USA to interact and develop collaborations.

For the next couple of years, we aim to maintain and reinforce the existing programs of the Association, create new ones and expand our networking events and activities in order to better engage our current members and attract new ones. We will enlarge and strengthen our collaborations with other associations, foundations, academic institutions, and industry representatives that could support and complement our activities. We will continue to offer up to date information about opportunities in teaching, research, and innovation in the field of biomedical sciences.

Towards this end, I invite you to participate and offer your own contributions in ideas and action. These collective efforts will ultimately serve your interests and needs and enhance your potential to thrive.

I am hoping to a fruitful next couple of years and I am looking forward to serving you and working alongside you towards our common mission.


Thank you,

Anna Gavrieli, PhD
HBA-USA President 2018-2020