Hellenic Bioscientific Association of the USA

HBA-USA Elections 2016-2018

Election Results

Members: 515 Voted: 95 Skipped: 2

Name Votes Rank
Georgios Pyrgiotakis 64 1
Nikolaos Dimitrakakis 63 2
Elisavet Serti 63 3
Anna Gavrieli 62 4
Panagiotis Fotakis 59 5
Anastasia Nikolopoulou 57 6
Andreas Kateifides 54 7
Maria Mavrikaki 50 8

We have received applications for the 2016-2018 and the interested candidates are listed below:


  1. Nikolaos Dimitrakakis, MSc. (Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School)
  2. Panagiotis Fotakis, PhD (Research Fellow, Columbia University)
  3. Anna Gavrieli, PhD (Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School)
  4. Andreas Kateifides, MD PhD (Manager, Vertex Pharmaceuticals)
  5. Maria Mavrikaki, PhD (Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School)
  6. Anastasia Nikolopoulou, PhD (Assistant Professor, Weill Cornell Medicine)
  7. Elisavet Serti, PhD (Research Fellow, NIH)
  8. George Pyrgiotakis, PhD (Research Associate, Harvard School of Public Health)

Please click below to download a list of all the combined profiles candidates for Board

Combined Profiles for all candidates: 2016-2018 Board

Voting Procedure

The voting procedure will begin on the 11/22/2016 and will finish 12/12/2016. The returning board will conduct the elections procedure. You will receive a ballot email through our elections-host, Surveymoz.com, which will divert you to the e-ballot page for you to vote. All votes are anonymous and every e-ballot can only be generated once. You will find the profiles of the candidates of the election in our webpage.

  • Every HBA-USA member can vote for up to 7 candidates (seven positions: President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Appointed Secretary, Councilor #1, Councilor #2)
  • Candidates with the majority of votes are those to be elected. The first nine candidates elected form the Board of Directors (7 regular members and 2 substitutes). The rest of the elected candidates are considered as runners-up.
  • The candidate with the majority of votes will organize a teleconference within 1 month after the results are announced for the board positions to be assigned and the New Board to be formed. Candidates with the majority votes have priority for the position of their choice.


October 24th 2016: Election process begins
October 24th – November 20th 2016: Candidates are invited to submit their candidacy by filling in the Application Form and emailing it to the board.
November 22st – December 4th 2016 : Returning board sends email via ballotbin to all HBA-USA members and invites them to vote for the candidates.
December 12th 2016: Results are announced and new Board of Directors schedules teleconference to  form new board.

Returning Board: Constantinos Psimopoulos, Thales Papagiannakopoulos, Vanessa Xanthakis
For any questions or further information please contact the current board via email