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  • Graduate Student Position in the Pitychoutis Neuroscience Laboratory, University of Dayton

    Graduate Student Position in the Pitychoutis Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Dayton

    The Graduate Program in Biology at the University of Dayton (UD; Dayton, OH, USA) has an opening for a Ph.D. student to conduct research in the Pitychoutis Neuroscience laboratory, applying in vivo animal models to study the neurobiology of disease. Techniques used in the lab include: in vivo mouse and amphibian models (i.e., global and Cre-conditional knockout mice and axolotl salamanders); state-of-the-art mouse behavioral assays and neuropsychopharmacological techniques; ex vivo and in vivo neurochemistry with high-performance liquid chromatography; EEG polysomnographic studies to assess circadian rhythmicity; and neuromolecular techniques (i.e., immunohistochemistry, Golgi-Cox staining, immunoblotting, real-time qPCR, in situ hybridization and global transcriptomics/proteomics analyses). Applicants should have a strong undergraduate record in Biology, and/or Neuroscience, Pharmacology, or related field. The Pitychoutis Lab is part of the Center for Tissue Regeneration and Engineering at Dayton (TREND), an Ohio Center of Excellence in Biomedicine, and UD’s Integrative Science and Engineering Center (ISE). The successful applicant will join UD’s Biology Department as full-time graduate student and will be supported by teaching assistantship fellowships. The selected applicant will get the opportunity to be involved with several neuroscience research projects, gain mentorship in writing research grant proposals and preparation of grant reports for funding agencies, as well as preparation of articles for publication in peer-reviewed neuroscience journals. Start date for this position is August 2021. Interested candidates should express their interest and submit a current CV to Dr. Pothitos Pitychoutis at ppitychoutis1@udayton.edu

    Pitychoutis Lab website: https://sites.google.com/view/pitychoutislab/home

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