Hellenic Bioscientific Association of the USA

Board of Directors 2016-2018

President: Georgios Pyrgiotakis, PhD

Affiliation: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston, MA

GPyrDr. Georgios Pyrgiotakis is a Research Associate at the Harvard School of Public Health and acting manager of the Laboratory of Environmental Health NanoSciences (LEHNS). His research interests focus on the Environmental Health and is has on two pillars: understating and assessing the exposure to various sources and developing methods to mitigate those sources. At the same time he developed a novel, nanotechnology based, chemical free method for air and surface disinfection that utilizes only water to kill dangerous pathogens. This portion of his research has been including in the Technology Quarterly of the 2015 Economist issue as one of the notable nanotechnology applications of the year. He is currently exploring the application of this technology on the disinfection of the food-borne pathogens on fruits and vegetables as a method to deliver cleaner and sustainable food products.


Vice President: Elisavet Serti, PhD, Bethesda, MD

ESerShe is an Associate Director of Biomarker Discovery and Research in the Immune Tolerance Network of the Massachusetts General Hospital and her portfolio includes clinical trials for Type 1 Diabetes in pediatric and adult patients. Elisavet received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Patras, Greece and then she moved back to Athens to receive her MSc in Biochemistry from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. After that, she conducted her research on Hepatitis C experimental vaccines at the Molecular Virology lab of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute and she received her PhD in Virology-Epidemiology from the Medical School of Athens in 2011. After graduation, she moved to the United States as a post-Doctoral Fellow in the Immunology Section of the Liver Diseases Branch of the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, conducting research focused on Hepatitis C treatment and innate immune responses in liver diseases. She joined the HBA-USA in 2014 and she is currently serving as the Vice President of the Association. Her responsibilities include the communication with the members of the Association, the recruitment of new members and the preparation of the Newsletter.

Treasurer: Anna Gavrieli, PhD

Affiliation: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School, Boston MA

10427316_10152850342449292_7680578610173050629_nAnna Gavrieli is a research fellow in the Neurology Department of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School. She studied Dietetics and Nutrition at Harokopio University of Athens and she did her MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Loughborough University, UK. After obtaining her PhD from Harokopio University of Athens she worked for a year as a researcher at the Hellenic Health Foundation. Since November 2014 she is a postdoctoral research fellow at BIDMC/HMS and her research is focused on how different drugs affect body weight, brain centers related to food intake and appetite. She joined HBA-USA in 2016 and she is currently the Treasurer of the Board. She is also directing the Mentorship Program of HBA-USA which mission is to build a strong, sustainable network where distinguished Greek or Greek-American scientists and entrepreneurs of the USA will mentor young Greek or Greek-American students and scientists in the field of biomedical sciences.

General Secretary: Panagiotis Fotakis, PhD

Affiliation: Columbia Medical School, New York NY

Fotakis picPanagiotis Fotakis earned his PhD degree from the University of Crete in 2014 and is currently Post-doctoral Research Scientist at Columbia University. His research is focused on the elucidation of the metabolic and inflammatory mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis as well as the identification of new therapeutic targets for the treatment of Cardiovascular Disease. His previous work includes the development of mouse models to study the HDL (good cholesterol) formation and functions in specific forms of human dyslipidemia and the suggestion of therapeutic interventions to correct it. His work has been published in Journal of Lipid Research, Biochemistry, Atherosclerosis, Atherosclerosis Thrombosis Vascular Biology, Journal of Experimental Pharmacology and Journal of Biomedical Research.

App. Secretary: Anastasia Nikolopoulou, PhD

Affiliation: Weill Cornell Medicine, New York NY

Dr. Anastasia Nikolopoulou is an Assistant Professor of Radiopharmaceutical Sciences in Radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine (New York). She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and her doctoral degree in Medicinal Chemistry at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and her Master’s in Biochemistry at Paris VII “Denis Diderot” University in France. During her Ph.D. studies, she refined her skills in radiochemistry and worked on tumor targeting with radiolabeled peptide-based probes for in vivo tumor SPECT imaging. Upon completion of her Ph.D., she moved to Weill Cornell Medicine for a postdoctoral research fellowship and joined the Prostate Cancer program in Radiology working on the clinical evaluation of various novel PSMA-specific radiolabeled probes developed for PET/SPECT imaging and internal radiotherapy. In 2013 she began her academic career as an Instructor of Radiochemistry and Radiopharmacy in Radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine and since 2016 she is working as an Assistant Professor of Radiopharmaceutical Sciences in the same department. She is interested in the development of new molecular imaging agents for various conditions (e.g. cancer, inflammation, CVD) and targeted radiotherapeutics for human cancers. She is also interested in employing radioactive probes as molecular tools to study disease pathogenesis and progression and define biomarkers that can provide more efficient detection and novel, safer therapeutic strategies for human disease. Her current research is focused on: a) tumor exosomes and their use as radioactive probes to predict or early detect pre-metastatic niches and b) inflammation-induced neurodegeneration (e.g. Parkinson’s disease).


Councilor: Andreas Kateifidis, MD PhD

Affiliation: Vertex Inc., Boston MA


Andreas obtained his medical and doctoral degrees from the University of Crete in Greece and completed an MBA in Health Sector Management at Boston University, USA. During his doctoral studies he worked at Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute at Boston University where he investigated the in vivo and in vitro functions of mutant forms of apolipoprotein A-I to determine how structural changes affect plasma cholesterol and triglyceride levels and their contribution to atherogenesis. He additionally developed a method for purification of human apolipoproteins. He is currently a Manager in Process Management and Business Analytics at Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. Andreas was introduced to HBA-USA in 2011 and since 2017 he has been serving as Councillor.


Councilor: Maria Mavrikaki, PhD

Affiliation: Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital, Belmont MA

Maria-Mavrikaki-PhDMaria Mavrikaki is an Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Assistant Neuroscientist at McLean Hospital. She studied Neuroscience at University of Crete in Greece, and moved to USA to pursue a postdoctoral research position at The Scripps Research Institute (Scripps FL). In 2014, she joined Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital as a postdoctoral research fellow. Her ongoing research is focused on stress-regulated epigenetic mechanisms that might increase vulnerability to prescription opioid addiction. She joined HBA-USA as a Councilor in 2017.


Previous Board of Directors


President: Kostas Arvanitis

Vice President: Kostas Biliouris

Treasurer: Ioannis Zervantonakis

General Secretary: Elisavet Serti

App. Secretary: Nikolaos Dimitrakakis

Councilors: Eirini Papapetrou, Sotiris Stergiopoulos


President: Ioannis Zervantonakis

Vice President: Anastasia Nikolopoulou

Past Vice-President: Athanassios Vassilopoulos, Runner up: George Noutsios
Treasurer: Eleftherios Makris

General Secretary: Konstantinos Biliouris

App. Secretary: Panteleimon Mavroudis,

Councilors: Pavlos Msaouel, Nikolaos Tsirikos-Karapanos


President: T. Thomou

Vice President: S. Sotiriou, A. Vassilopoulos

App. Secretary: E. Filippidi

Treasurer: K. Loupasakis

Councilors: D. Gousetis, A. Nikolopoulou, I. Zervantonakis


President: K. Drosatos

Vice President: T. Thomou

Treasurer: D. Iliopoulos

Gen. Secretary: M. Vassiadi

App. Secretary: E. Ntrivalas

Councilors: D. Gousetis, I. Karagiannidis


President: K. Drosatos

Vice President: D. Iliopoulos

Gen. Secretary: T. Thomou

Treasurer: I. Karagiannides

App. Secretary: E. Ntrivalas

Councilors: K. Bakirtzi, E. Filippidi